After years as a successful leader in the corporate world, I felt led to a new career that would make the best use of my talents, that would let me be who I am as a person, and would provide a deeper level of personal fulfillment through directly helping others.

I didn’t ‘find’ counseling, I was led to it.

For several years I facilitated DivorceCare groups as a volunteer. The door to counseling opened during that time. As a trained facilitator, I helped people work through the hurt, find healing, and make the best possible choices to move forward. The work was rewarding, and I realized my new path was unfolding.

I took what at the time felt like a bold step and earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, graduating with high honors, while still working in the corporate world. I laid the foundation and launched my counseling practice.

I’ve never looked back.

It’s challenging and satisfying to connect with people and see them through their problems, guide them as they open up to solutions, find hope, and have meaningful ‘aha’ moments.

In the simplest terms, I provide a direct service and see direct results. My focus is on short-term counseling that generates long-lasting solutions. So much is possible when we’re willing to invest in ourselves, our relationships, our lives. I look forward to helping you discover what’s possible for you.