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Innovative Action

Innovative action steps driving life-changing results, helping you create a better life.

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Lifestyle friendly for busy individuals or couples who want accelerated results.

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Virtual sessions for help while you travel or from the comfort of your home.

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Flexible access. Choose to pre-schedule, or have same-day appointments whenever the need arises.

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Incomparable convenience. Meet privately with ease via telephone or Skype.

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Charles Lichty, Individual & Couples Counseling

About Charlie Lichty

So much is possible when we’re willing to invest in ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. Life is busy and that’s part of what makes it difficult. We all need help along the way – to feel strong, whole, and able to navigate the twists and turns of life as they arise.

My work is focused on connecting with people to see them through their difficulties and guide them as they open up to solutions. Helping them find hope and experience meaningful “aha” moments. In the simplest terms, I provide short-term counseling that generates long-lasting solutions for my clients.

By blending my counseling credentials with a coaching approach, my work gives you the power to get the best possible results. I go beyond listening – consistently providing feedback, sharing new perspectives, and offering proactive action steps to help you move forward.

You can work through hurt, find healing, and make the best possible choices to move you forward. It’s possible… let’s get there together.

Help that works with your hectic lifestyle is available… and it’s only a phone call away.